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Keyword Proximity and Density Are Essential Aspects of SEO

When you talk about internet marketing, different people will come with different opinions as well as suggestions. There are many ways to promote your website on the internet, and of them is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Leave aside the bigger topic of internet marketing, when you will raise the question of SEO marketing, even then people would have their own different say on keywords placement and selection. So, when you are going to use SEO, there has to be a lot of focus on keywords and of course their proximity.

Keyword Proximity Planing

Keyword proximity is something that defines the closeness of two keywords from each other. To make you understand in a better manner, let us take an example here. If you are marketing a website that deals in electronic items like TV, Refrigerator, etc, then your keywords should take into account the products and also the audience it is targeting. If you have used a keyword at the start of your article and then you wait an entire paragraph to use the next keyword, it wouldn’t be as beneficial as using two keywords within a couple of lines. So, make sure you use this technique, but don’t follow the practice of stuffing keywords as it leads you nowhere. People think that by using keywords too many times they can make their websites go higher in search engine rankings, but this isn’t what actually happens. This method takes your website nowhere. Use only relevant keywords and very few of them, but use them in the right manner to improve your rankings.

Before you get into short listing the keywords you will be using in your SEO campaign, there are more important things to consider, which will also help you in deciding your keywords. You should know what competition you are facing, and what they are following to market their company on the internet. This will be really helpful for you as it will give you an idea about what to do and what not to. You should also determine the audience you are targeting in order to come out with specific strategies and marketing campaigns that will be directed towards a particular set of people.

Keyword Proximity Planing

Now, when you have understood where you actually stand, you need to start working with your keywords. You need to determine the keywords that would work for your business and the products and services you are offering. However, while choosing keywords, you should keep the future in mind and whether the same keywords would be of any benefit to your web business or not. When you finalize the keywords, you should work on the keyword density and keyword proximity. These two terms are very important for improving your presence on the internet.

Now, for your search engine optimization campaign to succeed, you should have a little patience as well as SEO experts who are well aware of the recent trends and the guidelines. In addition to choosing the right keywords, the content you post on the internet to promote your website should be 100% authentic, and proper keyword density should be maintained.