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Keyword Density

Keyword density is the most essential thing for writing content or performing SEO for the web. Basically, it is the percentage of times that a keyword becomes apparent on web page or the article in which it is present. It is very important to use the correct keyword so that easily gets a rank on the search engines. While writing an article, keywords should be used throughout the content. Excessive use of keywords in the articles could become distress sometimes as the article can sometimes be miscomprehended by search engines. Always be careful and don’t repeat keywords often as it will definitely hurt your online presence rather than improving it.

How to Use Keyword Density

The question which is raised by many people is that that how keyword density can be determined in the article or web page? In totality, an article on the web page should have certain number of keywords. If you are writing an article on web page excluding the HMTL code of 100 words, then one can only use a limited number of keywords or keyword phrase, which depends on the number of words you are writing in total, and also the search engine guidelines which can change. You can simply calculate the density of keyword by dividing total keywords by total number of words used in the article on web page. It is easy to define the keyword density as it is the percentage use of total word count of keywords on the web page.

Writer should always remember that the rules of using the keywords are same on every web page of a particular website. It is not necessary that the same keyword should be used in the entire article but one can use a set of keywords related to the topic on which the article is based. There are many steps to check the use of keywords. Some of the easy steps which one can be used to check the keyword density.

keyword density are as follows

  • To take an idea from any other web page, you can take the content and paste it on your Word document or Open Office to check that how many keywords are used on the total word count.
  • You can easily check the total word count on the Word document by selecting the entire content on the page.
  • Go to Edit menu where you can get an option of Find and Replace, select any of the option. To find the keyword or keyword phrase on the entire content you just have to fill the keyword name and all the keywords can be highlighted and the text will also not get replaced. You can also use the Replace option where you just fill the same keywords and presented keywords get replaced by the same keywords and the meaning of the content will not change.
  • After the procedure of selecting Find or Replace, one can find the total amount of keywords used in the entire content.

This is a very simple method from which you can calculate the exact density of keywords.