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Optimize Page Titles

A page title is a text that reflects an online web page name which appears on browser’s bar. It is an important on–page SEO element which displays in search engine results pages, browsers and external websites. Technically the page title is also known as title tag that describes the title of the document. It is important and necessary for all HTML/XHTML documents.

Creating a relevant and appropriate page title is important for webmasters especially for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purpose. The deeply researched and planned page titles help the website to easily get the usability and visibility for SEO practice and ranking.

Page Title Tag Planing

While creating a page title the professionals implement a formula which include website name – primary keyword | secondary keyword. The experts even keep in mind to avoid conjunctions and articles such as a, an, and the. To maintain difference between the website name, primary keyword and secondary keyword, the experts use pipe (|) or dash (-). In this way a page title reflects a page one the browser.

As keywords attract user therefore the professionals must do a deep research on same sort of websites or competitive website to get an idea for appropriate title of their website. This practice or technique will help the professionals to get a contrast which will certainly attract and prompt users to click the website or web page. An attractive and well researched page title somehow attracts user and doubles or triples the clicks on page title which certainly increases Click through rate (CTR). Thus, it is advised to make it SEO friendly as well.

SEO practice is necessary while making page title therefore experts must follow below mentioned things:

  • Ideal Length of Page Title

Experts must have clear objective for title tags that contain fewer than 70 characters. Google always accepts 70 characters tag line more than this much of characters may be curtail the results. Another situation that can emerge is to select diverse text from the document in place of the title tag for search engines. As per the latest experiments it has emerged that 70 characters is the ideal length of the page title.

  • Relevancy

Relevancy in the page title as per entire content is necessary for increasing rankings in search engines. The experts believe that title tag is the most appropriate place to use keywords and achieve high rankings.

  • Browser

As page title appears on browser, it is important to have appropriate tags which attract users and give them a good experience. Thus, focusing on browser is also necessary for experts while making the page tag.

  • Search Engine Result Page

The page titles you use as keywords generally get bold by search engine for better user experience. The blue bold colored keyword gives a great visibility and certainly increases click–through rate as well.

Professionals must focus on all these important aspects to get the effective results on their website for long term business. Implementing these important aspects will be good for better and effective business.