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Website Navigation

Website navigation is an essential technique especially designed for websites through which the visitors can easily move and explore the website from one page to another. The technique of accessing one page and moving to another is technically known as Site navigation which is applied on every website.

Website Navigation Technique

As site navigation technique is also used in case of drop down menu therefore each tab which have sub-tab gets down whenever the visitor clicks on the main tab. People might have observed this thing mostly in service tab as the tab contains so many services one after another in drop down form. The technique even allows the unknown user to explore the website right from the home page to contact page. The technique offers a wonderful experience to visitors.

Website navigation is divided into 3 main categories that are as follows:

Hierarchical website navigation: The website navigation structure is designed from general to specific form. It offers easy path to all web pages from anywhere on the website.

Global website navigation: The global website navigation presents the top sides or pages of the website. The designers implement it on each pages of the website.

Local website navigation: The local navigation is used to link the text of your web pages which links to the rest of the pages of website.

Apart from the major categories of website navigation there are several types of styles of navigation are applied on the website as per the requirement which enriches the website technically and runs smoothly. Most important and preferred navigations used by professionals are as follows:

Text Links: Text links are applied on website which is comprises of anchor set of tags that create clickable text which directs the visitor to another web page within the same website (Internal Linking).

Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumb navigation presents the visitor the path on which they are presently working or exploring on.

Navigation Bar: A navigation bar is a blend of website navigation technique that links all grouped altogether. It can be seen in horizontal or vertical form.

Tab Navigation: Tab navigation is a place where the website navigation links appear just as tabs. It is quite similar to the tabs you generally use to divide the contents into varied sections.

Sitemap: Sitemap is a page available within website that contains all the sections of web pages of website. As it is a type of navigation therefore it is different from Google sitemap or Yahoo